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Our Ministries

At GACC we strive to make one thing known throughout our ministries here, which is this; ITS ALL ABOUT JESUS.

Our hope is that as you participate and plug in to a ministry, your heart would be drawn closer to Jesus.

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Men, join us every last saturday of the month as we dive into the word of God together. This Men's breakfast is not intended to be a "our church only" gathering. As you will see, different pastors from the community will be sharing a message from the Word of God. 


Last Saturday of month | 9am

Junior High to High Schoolers are encouraged to join us as we have fun getting into the Word of God together. 

We also make it a point to have fellowship days, where we go out, whether its bishops farm, an arcade or a missions trip. 

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Men need to be around godly men. Whether you need encouragement or are looking to encourage, consider joining the men every other Wednesday night as they dive into the Word together.

Our women's ministry typically meets every other Thursday at 6:30pm. Stay tuned for more information regarding when the Women's group will be meeting up again.

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Join us every 2nd Sunday as we hang out after church around some tasty treats. 

Every last Sunday of the month, we break bread together. Why do we call it Agape Sunday? We're glad you asked.

Jude makes mention of love feasts...which was a communal meal shared amongst christians. Meaning, everyone brought something to contribute to the meal and made sure it was centered around and upon Christ.

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